Quality, power and endurance Made in Austria. There properties typife all Wagner shredders. Accoriding to your special requirements you get your optimal shredding solution. And when you need more of all than we build special shredder exactly as required.

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Wagner WS 11-15

Drive [kW]:11 – 15 – 18
Work area [mm]:675 x 600
Hopper [mm³]:0,5
Weight [kg]:1440
Capacity [kg/h] max:500

Wagner WS 22

Drive [kW]:18,5 -45
Work area [mm]:1000 x 1050
Hopper [mm³]:1,5
Weight [kg]:3600
Capacity [kg/h] max:800
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Wagner WS 30

Drive [kW]:55 – 90
Work area [mm]:1570 x 1300
Hopper [mm³]:2,5
Weight [kg]:10500
Capacity [kg/h] max:3000

Wagner WS 50

Pogon [kW]:55 – 90
Radni prostor [mm]:1570 x 1300
Koš [mm³]:2,5
Masa [kg]:10500
Kapacitet [kg/h] max:3000


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Wagner WS 70

Drive [kW]:90 -132
Work area [mm]:1800 x 1600
Hopper [mm³]:3
Weight [kg]:12000
Capacity [kg/h] max:4000

Wagner WTS 500

Drive [kW]:2 x 5,5
Work area [mm]:510 x 500
Weight [kg]:1000
Capacity [kg/h] max:500
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