Alligator Shear

Alligator shears Gavial is the best choice for every scrap-yard. They are made to easily and efficiently solve material separation. Great cutting force simultaneously insures easy and fast cutting of ferrous and other scrap metal. Modern metal scrap processing requires preparation of material at low cost and in great amounts. These shears enable just that. Where there is metal scrap, there are also Gavial shears.

Knowing what customers expect from our shears, we made them robust and easy to operate. Robustness enables them to process thin metal sheets and car sheets, but also full profiles, pipes and rods. Maintenance of shears is minimal, while adjustments are fast and simple. With two operating modes (foot control or automatic), they ensure optimal use of shears depending on the material.

When it comes to health and safety at work, nothing is left to chance. Gavial shears are made in accordance with all applicable standards. This was confirmed by achieving the CE certificate after extensive testing. Gavial shears are made in Serbia, but are sold on the EU market besides other ex-Yugoslavian republics where they are already well known.