W series

Cable granulation machines with wet separation process are intended for the treatment of electric, phone, computer, car and other scrap cables. Advantage of the wet separation process is that it can extract extremely small metal parts, such as in stranded cables.

The equipment consists of several components:

  • stand
  • mill with 3×2 rotating and 2×2 fixed blades
  • pneumatic transmission system
  • water tank
  • wet process separator

W Series and D series granulation machines are easy to operate and inexpensive to maintain.

Machine operation is simple and logical. Cables are disposed into the mill, grinding them to the needed size. After that, a pneumatic transmission system transports the shredded material to the separator. The separator uses vibrations to separate metal (Cu and Al) fractions and plastic based on the different behavior in a water stream.

There are granulation machine models which combine dry and wet process of separation, thus increasing the positive effects and completely eliminating the losses.

Granulation machines can be upgraded by shredding machines and magnet separators; this upgrade significantly improves efficiency, simplifying work and extending the scope of recyclable cables.  

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Drive [kW]:6,1
Weight [kg]:750
Capacity [kg/h] max:120


Drive [kW]:11,6
Weight [kg]:1435
Capacity [kg/h] max:280


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Drive [kW]:20,6
Weight [kg]:2200
Capacity [kg/h] max:280



Drive [kW]:24,1
Weight [kg]:3100
Capacity [kg/h] max:350